This section contains information about the Scouting For All Volunteer Staff, Policy and Procedures on Gays, Girls and Atheists in Scouting, Mission Statement, our Position Statement: Scouting For All’s National Campaign, Scouting For All Brochures, 501C-3 status, as well as some of Steven’s speeches.

We hope this section of our web page will provide you with a better understanding of who we are and why we support Scouting For All and believe in the World Scouting Movement. Most of us were all members of the Boy Scouts of America at one time. In fact Dave Rice was a member for 59 years before he was kicked out for his belief.

Scott Cozza got kicked out of his troop for his belief and was told by a Redwood Empire Official that he had been banned from associating with any Scout unit by BSA National. Scott Pusillo was kicked out for being gay. On August ’00 we estimated that 40% of our volunteers were Eagle Scouts and that number is increasing.

So Scouting For All believes in scouting. We just don’t believe in the BSA’s current policy of discrimination against gay youth and adults and atheists. Here we are doing what the Boy Scouts of America teaches its scouts to do.

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It teaches them to stand up against social injustice to help make the world a better place. In this case it just so happens that the BSA is committing the social injustice, and the journey begins.