Food Research Paper Topics

Food is a fascinating subject for an essay. It can be as abstract or as specific as you want...

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Sep 9, 2022
Sep 9, 2022

Food is a fascinating subject for an essay. It can be as abstract or as specific as you want it to be. There is a place for the most inexperienced amateurs as well as professional chefs with decades of experience under their belt.

Not only that but there are also plenty of different ways to approach it. You can focus on quality, technique, nutritional value, health, environmental impact, or even science. Yes, there is plenty of science behind food, how it’s cooked and produced.  Any research paper writing service out there would be glad to tell you all about it. But before you decide to go to them for help - let’s have a look at what it is you are going to be dealing with.

How To Select The Best Food Research Paper Topic?

So, let’s imagine you need to write my paper about food. Generally, a specific topic should be given to you as a part of your task. But what if you don’t have that luxury? Where to even start among all that abundance of prospects? If you find yourself in a situation like this one there are three simple rules you can follow to pick a perfect food research paper topic. Pick a topic that’s either:

  • Interesting to you
  • Familiar to you
  • Familiar to someone else

That’s it. Nothing too complex about it. And if you can find a research topic about food that combines these three points - that’s even better. It doesn’t really matter how “good” or “bad” a topic is. Any paper writing service will tell you that there’s no such concept. Instead, you can make a topic good if you know it well, have sources that know it well to draw information from, or you are interested enough in it to spend the time to get to know it well soon.

List of Food Research Paper Topics

Even if you decide to google 'write paper for me' and hand your writing chores off to a professional online service, you still need to come up with a research topic about food. Of course, you can try to leave this task to the writer. But that’s a bit too much room for autonomy. As a general rule, you want to give your writer a very specific framework to operate within. And leaving empty spots is just inviting trouble.

Naturally, the writer will do everything within their power to do their best. But sometimes they just make the wrong turn making the entire text impossible to turn in. So you better think twice before you give an online writer freedom to choose their own topic. Even within the broad subject of food research. Here are some pretty interesting research topics about food that you can use instead.

25 Fast Food Research Paper Topics

Fast food is one of the best fields to look for a food topic. It’s been a point of contention for pretty much as long as it existed. There’s plenty of room for making arguments, looking up data, and coming up with conclusions. Keep in mind that a lot of points concerning fast food have already been discussed hundreds of times before. On the other hand, if that isn’t the issue for you - you’ll be able to use these discussions to draw data and inspiration.

  • Increased nutrition regulations on fast food restaurants
  • The effects of fast food on society
  • Should fast foods be sold in hospitals?
  • The negative influence of fast foods on human health
  • Is fast food directly linked to obesity issues?
  • The long-term effects of fast food on the human body
  • Fast food chains and how they operate
  • The history of fast food restaurants in the United States
  • The impact of the fast food industry on the environment
  • Fast food chains vs local businesses
  • The role of fast food chains in employee welfare
  • The popularity of fast food across the world
  • Pros and cons of fast food for different types of customers
  • Reasons fast food chains are doing so well
  • Fast food nutrition value for athletes
  • Can fast food actually be healthy?
  • Is it possible to use fast food to improve your sports regimen?
  • Why does fast food taste so rich
  • Why does it take so little time to cook fast food?
  • Reasons for fast food addiction and how to combat it
  • Fast food career and where it can get you
  • Fast food chains vs knock-offs. Which one is better?
  • How to replace your fast food habits with healthy meals
  • Can you survive on fast food only?
  • Biggest fast food scandals of the last decade

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25 Food Safety Research Paper Topics

Food can be pretty dangerous. And it’s not just about cooking poisonous fish or berries in your recipes. Food that doesn’t get properly processed or stored can cause just as many problems to the human body as any poison out there. The results of such negligence can be very serious up to and including death. That’s why food safety topics are so very handy to be aware of. The importance of food safety discussion is very unlikely to ever die down.

  • Food safety standards and why they are important
  • The history of food safety standards
  • The early days of food safety standards
  • Food safety rules everyone should follow
  • Urban myths about food safety
  • Food safety and inspection service in your country
  • Food safety risk assessment
  • Recommendations for ensuring food safety and reducing health-related risks
  • The role of government in food safety
  • Food safety in the workplace
  • Ways to promote proper food safety
  • Main causes of food safety risks
  • The biggest food safety violations in the history
  • Food safety innovations of the future
  • Problems of food safety in chain restaurants
  • The role of food safety in modern education
  • Career prospects in the food safety field
  • Dangers of food safety violations
  • Most dangerous foods when it comes to health risks
  • Most dangerous types of food
  • Surprising statistics of food safety research
  • Reliable sources for food safety data
  • Consequences of food safety neglect and how to deal with them
  • How to separate food safety fakes from facts
  • The day in the life of a food safety expert

25 Food and Nutrition Research Paper Topics

If you want to get into more specific details - you have to look into nutrition. Food nutrition is an entire science of its own. There are plenty of in-depth research papers, studies, and scientific articles on this subject. It is rich with numbers, statistics, and facts that you will be able to integrate into your writing. Here are some of the best nutrition food research paper topics you can use for your assignment.

  • What are the most important types of nutrition for body development?
  • The correlation between bone density and food nutrition
  • The cost of nutrition supplements
  • Vitamin D and its impact on human health
  • How safe are nutrition supplements
  • The role of food science in human nutrition
  • The role of nutrition in muscle growth
  • Nutritional deficiency and the problems it causes
  • Organic food and its impact on nutrition
  • Nutrition regulations in fast food restaurants
  • Food preferences and nutrition culture
  • Analysis of natural nutrition sources
  • Types of diets and their nutritional value
  • Calories intake and why it is important
  • Career paths in nutrition science
  • How much should an average cook know about nutrition?
  • Evaluation of an average student’s nutritional intake
  • The importance of proper nutrition
  • Human rights to food and proper nutrition
  • Nutrition as a marker of social inequality
  • Family nutrition practices
  • Nutrition and human intelligence
  • Nutritional rules for athletes
  • Parenteral nutrition in critically ill patients
  • The dawn of nutrition as a science

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25 Food Industry Research Paper Topics

Another great basis for all sorts of research topics on food is the food industry. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person that didn’t hear about at least one big scandal involving the food industry. Its problems vary from ethical concerns and clashes with animal rights activists to purely technical concerns about production standards and hygiene guidelines. And there are multiple angles you can approach any given topic in this niche as well!

  • How do biofuels impact the food industry?
  • The socio-economic benefits of the fast food industry
  • 3D printing in the food industry
  • The modern format of food industry enterprises
  • The problems of the food industry in tourism
  • Cultural food traditions in India
  • Fashion and food
  • The food industry as a form of cultural identification
  • The role of digital innovation in the food industry
  • The history of the food industry
  • The impact of the food industry on economics
  • The role of the government in the formation of the food industry
  • The social perception of the innovation in the food industry
  • The history and origins of food traditions in the industry
  • The biggest failures of the food industry
  • The greatest innovations in the food industry
  • The future of the food industry
  • Where to start a career in the food industry
  • How profitable is the food industry
  • Should the food industry be non-commercial?
  • How good of education do food industry specialists get
  • How hard it is to move up the career ladder in the food industry
  • The importance of education in the food industry
  • How to switch careers in the food industry
  • The most enticing jobs in the food industry

Food Essay Topics

And some topics just don’t fit into pretty much any category out there. Regardless, there are some pretty interesting ones you might want to either use yourself or take inspiration from. Keep in mind that not all of them will be a good fit for every type of essay. So if you have a specific type of essay you need to write - make sure to pick the one you’ll be able to put the right spin on.

  • The impact of sugar on health
  • Food allergies and all you need to know about them
  • Food supplement scams and how to avoid them
  • Food trends and how they appear
  • The impact of plastic packaging on the environment
  • What are the pros and cons of the macrobiotic diet
  • When is fast food better than home-cooked meals?
  • How to learn to cook quickly?
  • Reasons to start cooking yourself instead of ordering delivery
  • How to learn to taste the food properly

Argumentative Food Research Topics

The topics mentioned above are more fitting for an expository-like approach. On the other hand, if you want to make a good argument - you need a fitting topic for it. You should be able to build a foundation for both your own stance as well as some of the counterpoints for a good argumentative essay. And here are some pretty interesting food research topics that might be able to help you with this task.

  • Is a burger a sandwich?
  • How to cook an omelet?
  • What’s the best fruit?
  • Should hospitals ban fast food?
  • Should food be free?
  • Do animals deserve the same food standards as humans?
  • Vegetarian and vegan diet
  • Pineapples on pizza
  • Is thin or thick crust better on pizza?
  • Is it actually important to keep your elbows off the table?

Food Research Paper Ideas From

So, we’ve gone through plenty of interesting food topics for research paper assignments. However, there are many, many more research paper topics on food you can use for your work. And if you are stumped on what to write about - WritePaper specialists will be happy to help you get cheap research papers. Just email us - write my paper for me. They’ll be able to handle the topic creation as well as article writing in no time and provide you with a great example of a research paper about food you’ll be able to turn in. Here are a couple of examples of the topics research paper for sale which they can offer you off the top of their heads:

  • Calcium sources for lactose intolerant people
  • The impact of caffeine on health
  • The guide to organic food and healthy eating
  • The healing properties of honey
  • The role of food in medicine
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