How to Write a Case Study: Best Topics to Impress Your Boss or Professor

Prof. Philip A.
Apr 4, 2023
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How to Format a Case Study with Steps

Ever dreamed of having a flourishing career in marketing? If it's the path you've taken after graduating, this article will be a great help for you to learn about case studies - crucial components of the marketing field.

We can define a case study as an in-depth and broad analysis of a group, business, person, or event. In such papers, almost every aspect of a subject's history is studied to seek the causes and patterns of specific behaviors.

In this article, we'll explore and sum up key points of how to format a case study and elaborate on creating a perfect case study outline so that when you write it yourself, you'll have all the needed information in one place.

Create a Case Study Outline

Outlining is one of the most important parts of any paper writing as it makes writing much easier. Still, you can create a compelling story without using it. However, outlining can be of huge assistance when it comes to case studies. Want to know why? Let's look through the case study template below to analyze the importance of employing a proper outline.

case study outline

Case Study Introduction

To properly learn how to write a case study paper, we must start with its introduction. With a few bullet points, let's analyze what should be included in the introduction of perfect case studies:

  • Task Summary - simply explain why the case study was needed and what results you were expecting.
  • Case Study Topic - make a brief overview of the case study topic; it can be a company, organization, or a person, for example, a customer story.
  • Report's Aim - outline the purpose of your case study.
  • Key Problem - shortly describe the key problem of your research and explain its significance.

There’s more to knowing how to create case studies. But if this information already sounds overwhelming, don't worry. Leave us your 'write my case study' request and our professional writers will help you.

Case Study Body

Writing a case study requires quite an effort. If you do it for a business, then it's something your potential customers will read. To create the case analysis example that turns the prospects into loyal future customers, you need to know all the points that should be included in the paper's body:

  • Background Information - provide the background information of your research: some relevant theories, facts, and the most crucial issues.
  • Analysis/Evaluation/Findings - outline the most important aspects of your research study. If it's one of the business case study examples, you can include your customer's experience as real-life examples.
  • Proposed Solutions - analyze the possible solutions for the issue and provide specific implementation strategies.

If you've read so far, then your curiosity in learning how to write case study examples is almost satisfied! Now let’s find out how to end your study on a strong note.

Case Study Conclusion

In your case study example paper, a conclusion is the last section. While writing any case study paper, you should always aim for such quality that even previous customers must be eager to come back to you after reading it. To manage to leave such an impact, your conclusion must make a lasting impression; here's how:

  • Executive Summary - restate the report's purpose and briefly summarize your findings. For example, if your sample case study is for the healthcare industry, share the importance of relevant facts discovered during your research in the field.
  • Lessons Learned - describe what you've learned that will help you improve your work.
  • Recommendations - share your implications for the future and what should be done to raise the quality of results achieved.

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Case Study Example Paper Topics

Case studies usually claim how useful a specific product or service is and explain how they help specific individuals. It shows the roadmap of a customer's success with tangible data. You can conduct an actual interview with prospective customers and then use their quotes in your research for more clarity.

Now that you know how to craft a perfect example case study paper, we can list different topics for you to choose from and start creating one yourself:

  • The importance of having female scientists in physics.
  • The role of self-confidence in making your way to a successful life.
  • The impact of AI-based systems on the quality of education.
  • Why is the proper treatment in class important for child abuse victims?
  • The unique strategies of Apple corporation.
  • Customer loyalty degree in the make-up industry.
  • Consumerism problems in the USA.
  • How can domestic violence cause bipolar disorder?
  • Must-have qualities for modern leaders.
  • Teachers' role in students' personal development.

If you want to learn more about how to present case study with a research topic about food for instance, then you can use the same structure we provided above, and by implementing them in your paper, you will excel in crafting your writing.

FAQs on Writing a Case Study

Different questions exist on how to make case studies, and you can find many different answers online too. Sometimes, it becomes hard to distinguish the truth from the myth. To help you avoid such a dilemma, we prepared some frequently asked questions about case studies with all the answers. Let's dive into each.

How to Present a Case Study?

How to present a case study can be considered one of the most often asked questions as it has the same importance as writing the paper. We have some useful tips you can use while presenting:

how to present a case study
  • Concentrate on telling a story - Your research report is about overcoming challenges. Don't use boring formulas while telling it; use your customers as your main characters, and analyze the journey they went through.
  • Present the implementation plan - provide the analysis of the steps taken on how you implemented your solution, what challenges you had to overcome, how you managed it, etc.
  • Share your findings - try to share your most important findings interactively, so the audience can be engaged and, therefore, will be listening carefully.
  • Use visual elements - while presenting, don't use boring case studies layout and data tables; include some visual effects and designs to make it fun. For example, visualize how your case study can be shown on the company's landing page; it will also boost your confidence.

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How Long Should a Case Study Be?

Have you ever taken so long with writing your research that you have not even checked your word count? The startling question would follow: 'how long should a case study be?' Well, it depends.

The length depends on the research field and the scope of the study. For example, a psychology case study (10-15 pages) can mostly be longer than a study in the business field (2-5 pages). Different lengths can play a better or worse part in various scenarios. It should be long enough to tell the story but not so long that no one would want to read it till the end.

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What Are Some Business Case Study Examples?

Have you read any kind of business case study?! Did it spark your interest, or was it so boring to even get to the ending? Below we describe some effective business case study examples to strengthen your knowledge, and in case someone asks about how do you write a case study like this, you'll know exactly where to redirect them:

  • The Whole Package (IDEO) - If you haven't seen this case study yet, we recommend you do so immediately. Once you do, focus on how the title is placed in big, bold letters, which sums up how the company helped its customer. The content of the study is how IDEO partnered with H&M to remove plastic from the packaging.
  • Facing a Hater (Digitas) - A real-life example case study with the campaign name #ILOVEYOUHATER, where the page opens with an impactful image - hundreds of people facing a single man. It really leaves a lasting impression on readers.
  • Zapier (Zapier) - Zapier case study shows how you can use an SEO strategy effectively to increase your website traffic and turn your small business into a successful company. You can find many useful insights there that you can use for your own company's strategy.

Summing Up

Do you think there's anything more you need to know about case studies? This article is a full guide to crafting perfect papers and learning how to present case studies effectively.

Still, many prefer to spend their time on different activities and let others handle writing research. If you are among them, feel free to spare your precious time while handing over your most complex tasks to our team of writers. Just write to us, 'do my dissertation for me,' and our experts will save your precious efforts.

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