Narrative Essay Best Topics 2022: 60+ Ideas

Prof. Philip A.
Sep 27, 2022

Most people like hearing an interesting story about someone’s personal experiences. Someone with good storytelling skills might earn a billion dollars with their personal story. However, this type of academic writing pays off with good grades in high school or university student life. Our essay writing service brings you personal narrative essay topics for college students. Besides, you get all the ideas and a few tips from professional writers!

Defining a Narrative Essay

What is a narrative essay in general? For a newbie in academic writing, this info is crucial. In short, the narrative essay definition states that such a work talks about personal experience in the first person. The whole essay revolves around one central theme. 

Write about anything from your favorite childhood memory to the most embarrassing moment in your life! The best narrative essay examples strike the readers with bright emotions.

Generally, narrative essay writing requires creativity, unlike research paper composing. You only need to find a real or a fictional story to tell your favorite teacher. Still, you can avoid too much pressure by hiring writers and asking them to ‘write my paper for me fast.’

The Main Purpose of Narrative Essays

Indeed, writing narrative essays serves a purpose. It differs from the goal of a research paper, or a reflective essay, for instance. The particular point of narrative essay writing is to tell a personal experience. Moreover, the story must have structure and contain essay writing techniques. As an illustration, the introduction to a narrative essay gets a reader familiar with the paper. Then, hook sentences and irony give a bit of spiciness to personal narrative essay ideas.

But, before picking interesting narrative essay topics, remember one more rule. Persuasion is something you must avoid while writing a narrative essay. In a work like an argumentative research paper, it is normal to persuade people to believe in something. A personal narrative essay, contrarily, simply informs the readers about a narrative topic. So, high school and college students convey narrative ideas using emotions. If you need help writing narrative or research essays, just leave us a "write research paper for me" request and we will help you ASAP!

Comparing a Narrative Essay and a Descriptive Essay

Once the answer to the ‘what is a narrative essay?’ is clear, college students better study the difference between a narrative paper and other essay types. For instance, narrative and descriptive essays look similar, but they differ in many aspects:

The things you are writing about

You could have the best narrative essay ideas for high school students or university scholars. Usually, people advise telling a story in logical order. Descriptive papers, contrarily, depict something in detail. For instance, imagine that your narrative essay topic relates to your first pet. 

In an APA format narrative essay, you would write a sequence of events associated with getting a pet. In comparison, a descriptive piece would contain a detailed description of an animal.

The plot

Undeniably, writing a narrative essay requires composing a logical plot, even for a fictional story. As an illustration, if you narrate the process of finding your best friend in middle school, talk about it step by step. 

For better understanding, think of an average movie, with the action slowly building up, then culminating and ending. The same goes for interesting essay topics.

Meanwhile, descriptive essays function perfectly without a plot. Here, you can describe your best friend, a role model, or your family traditions by describing your emotions about them.

The text

Expressing narrative ideas is impossible without various verbs. Even easy narrative essay topics for college students hardly work without multiple verbs and writing in the first person. On the other hand, descriptive papers contain many adjectives, and the writing is in the third person.

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Key Elements of a Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

When you write a narrative essay, always remember about narrative essay structure, which consists of the following elements:


Indeed, in any personal narrative essay, something is going on. As an illustration, you tell the readers how you took up language classes and how they helped you.


Here, you mention the setting of the story for context. You must write down these details if you learned the language in elementary school in 2007. This way, the best narrative essay topic ideas get additional dimension.


Usually, the main characters in personal narrative topics are the writers themselves. Besides the protagonist, add supporting characters like high school students who helped you with homework. Maybe, mention the tutor who was your role model.


Personal narrative ideas also contain the element of conflict. For instance, if you faced gender bias during your studies, tell how you proved everyone wrong by getting the highest grade on the test.

Moral of the story

Finally, all narrative argument essay topics have a central theme. To illustrate, in the case of classes, people might rethink male and female roles in the scholarly field.

Format and Outline of a Narrative Essay

How to write a narrative essay with a proper structure? The grade always depends on whether or not your narrative essay format is according to the rules. Hence, try to stick to the following anatomy:

Narrative Essay Outline
  1. Introduction part

Without a doubt, the narrative essay outline starts with the introductory segment. The best way to start an introduction is to hook readers with an interesting sentence. Finally, the thesis statement goes at the end of the opening part.

  1. Body paragraphs

After the intro, you need to get people acquainted with the context and background. Mentioning time, place, and characters helps to better perceive the narrative essay ideas.

The second paragraph is full of action. Imagine a car reaching the highest point of a rollercoaster. That is how the sequence of events should feel.

In the last body paragraph, the metaphoric car goes down after reaching the peak of a rollercoaster. In other words, your situation resolves with certain results.

  1. Conclusion

The end of a narrative piece is all about the moral or central theme. In a narrative argument paper, you show how exactly the situation proves your point. Also, give your essay a finishing touch with a call to action!

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Learning to Pick Good Narrative Essay Topics

Picking a title is something that bothers anyone asking themselves, ‘How to do my dissertation?’ or how to even come up with a title in the first place. Don’t worry much, you can borrow several recommendations:

Write a curious title

Use it to the fullest when school or university gives you creative freedom. There are enough other essay types that require seriousness, so have fun with this assignment. Catchy topics for narrative essay are the least you can do to attract readers!

Make it personal

Perhaps, you know that autobiographical books have gained tremendous popularity. By this logic, good narrative essay topics about personal life have the most success. Everyone probably has interesting experiences to share.

Write a plan

With a detailed plan, you know what your essay should contain. Consequently, you can write a few variations of a title. Then, you choose the most fitting name. Now, you know how to write an essay with killer new features topic!

Telling About Your Childhood Memories

Do you feel like talking about your earliest experiences? See the next topics:

  1. The day you met your first friend
  2. Your happiest childhood birthday
  3. Your memorable day in kindergarten
  4. Your best school trip
  5. The earliest Christmas that you remember
  6. First time when parents grounded you
  7. What was your biggest achievement as a kid?
  8. The time you escaped from school
  9. A situation when you got lost as a child
  10. The day when you felt like an adult

Writing About Traveling and Holidays

Maybe, you love exploring the themes of travels and holidays, or topics about food, so think of one of the following essay names:

  1. The two-day trip that felt like a week
  2. The time when you regretted going abroad
  3. A journey that you want to repeat
  4. A holiday that you spent alone
  5. Hiking day that exceeded your expectations
  6. Your extreme holiday
  7. A trip abroad that made you want to move there
  8. The time when you befriended a foreigner
  9. The unknown city that felt like home
  10. A holiday that turned your life upside down

Describing Your Hobbies

If you are someone who has many interests, think of the following themes:

  1. Your first hobby ever
  2. The time when the family was against your interests
  3. The day when you started making money with a hobby
  4. The biggest beginner mistake you made
  5. When a hobby helped you find friends
  6. The time when you lost interest in your hobby
  7. How did a hobby help you in life?
  8. How did you manage to engage your friends in a hobby?
  9. Who inspired you to pick a free time activity?
  10. How did a hobby change your personality?

Talking About Your Teenage Years

Do you have something to say about your teenage life? Here are the topics for you:

  1. The time when you stopped feeling like a child
  2. The biggest argument that you had with your parents
  3. How have you found new friends in your teens?
  4. The biggest adult decision you made as a teen
  5. How did your appearance change during your teenage years?
  6. The day you had your first sexual education lesson
  7. The mistake you made in digital life
  8. The day when you made an emotional decision
  9. The time when you felt misunderstood
  10. A funny prank that you pulled

Best Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

Those who want to cover the cultural theme have the following topic choices:

  1. The change in your cultural identity
  2. The time parents taught you about your culture
  3. When did you borrow foreign traditions?
  4. The time an ancient ritual scared you
  5. How did you destroy cultural stereotypes?
  6. How do you introduce others to your culture?
  7. The time when others bullied you for your culture
  8. The day when you had the best cultural experience
  9. The culture day in your school
  10. Traditions that you want to preserve
  11. The time when you broke a tradition

Personal Narrative Essay Topics on Relationships

Granted that the relationship theme interests you, take the next topics into account:

  1. The time when you found your soulmate
  2. The day when you fell in love at first sight
  3. The biggest challenge your couple experienced
  4. The time you broke up after years of dating
  5. The day you met your future spouse
  6. The time you learned to make compromises with your partner
  7. The day when you two got back together
  8. Your personality change in marriage
  9. The most expensive gift you received
  10. The time  when you misunderstood your partner

4 Ways to Begin a Narrative Essay

Wonder how to start a narrative essay to engage the readers? There are four awesome ways:

A joke

Drop an anecdote in the opening sentence if your story is funny. A good laugh is great for drawing people’s attention.

Personal reflection

Another way to open a narrative essay is to write a personal reflection. For instance, talk about your way of thinking or acting and how it changed after the event.


With this tactic, you make readers question themselves regarding a certain topic. So, they want to find out what you think of the subject.


Besides questions, strong claims are good for opening sentences too. The bolder the statement, the more interesting your essay becomes.

Wrapping Up a Narrative Essay

All narrative essay examples have a certain ending. Whether you write a personal or a literacy narrative essay, there are multiple ways of wrapping them up:

Mentioning what you learned

This method is quite popular since all experiences are lessons for people. Restate briefly what exactly you understood after the situation.

Highlight the importance of the story

Indeed, people should know why your experience is beneficial for them. So say it concisely!

Clarify the message

Another ending method is to restate the thesis sentence from the beginning. Make it more clear for the audience.

Apply emotions

Emotional language is another plus for your conclusion. This way, you express your feelings on the matter and share them with others.

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